Steve Irwin is our hero!


This week we have been working so hard on our topic and have created AMAZING jointed animals for our Australian scenery. We are all finding the work Steve Irwin and his team have done so fascinating that as part of our ‘Milton Moments’ we are always having requests to watch him on his adventures through the outback!!!! We love how enthusiastic he was and we have seen wildlife from him that we would have never known existed if it hadn’t been for him making such programmes. We do not find the same wildlife in Scotland and are always interested to find out even more. For example did you know there is a lizard that is legless and looks EXACTLY like a snake?! We are really enjoying our topic and as part of our homework are going to look at his amazing work that still continues today with his charity and staff he left behind.

Well Done primary 2 and let’s continue on our adventure following such amazing work to protect the wildlife!

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Thumbs Up!


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We would just like to say a BIG ‘thumbs up’ to all of the class for their hard work over the recent weeks! Primary 2 have all been engaged within their topic and I have been excited about sending their portfolios home to show those at home how hard they work.

Have a lovely week ahead, Ms.Clark

Welcome back


Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday and are all ready to join us for our final term of primary 2!! This term we are going to be discovering Australia. A class trip over with Quantas is unfortunately NOT on the agenda however with our imaginations I am sure we could reach there if only in our minds!

 please find attached our homework; homework april


Have a wonderful Easter break!!


May I wish all of you a safe and peaceful Easter break! Next and final term we will be looking at Australia so if anyone wishes to bring in some interesting Australian items we will display them in the classroom! Thank you for all your hard work over this past term and may our final term together be the best yet!! Happy Easter from Ms. Clark 🙂


Well Done Primary 2


As I am sure you are all aware the primary 2 were being archaeologists this week in class looking at Viking findings! With imagination and enthusiasm this lesson engaged us all and we had fun guessing what each ‘artifact’ could be. Well done class for having such creative ideas.

Have a lovely weekend, Ms.Clark